Sunday, 5 December 2010

Let's get Karoo Plainsong into SA bookshops!

Time for Phase 2 of the Karoo Plainsong journey!
We're now in South Africa and I have been launching the book in Cape Town. I confess that I have been wondering what sort of response I would get from local readers. Would they be as keen on the book as readers in the UK? Would some sharp-eyed soul take issue with a detail of the landscape that I had described? And, most importantly, how would they view my interpretation of a time in South Africa that still causes pain?

To my relief, it seems that the SA audience for Karoo Plainsong is as passionate about the book as I'd hoped. Here's an example:

It's without a doubt my book of the year. I was transported into another world for a few days and am left wondering how much is fact, how much fiction. But most of all I marvel at how you were able to enter the mind and heart of Ada and the townships in the manner that you have done.

Thank you to that reader!

But good reader response is one thing, getting the book stocked by SA bookshops is quite another. So... let's launch a campaign! When you next pass by your favourite bookshop, stop by and request Karoo Plainsong! Or send them an email! If we all do it often enough, who knows what can happen? Power to the readers!

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