Monday, 8 August 2011

Karoo Plainsong breaks into the Glossies!

In my last blog, I talked about the article that recently appeared in the South African Mail & Guardian newspaper, and which - to my delight - featured an interview with me. Well, now it's the turn of a UK publication to feature Karoo Plainsong.

If you live in the South East, you may have come across Surrey Life, a glossy monthly magazine. In the August edition there is an article on local authors - some famous, some unknown - and I'm thrilled to say that they chose to include me! This will certainly raise awareness of Karoo Plainsong and perhaps nudge me into the category of the 'knowns'!

Getting the word out there about your book is essential if you want to catch what we have called the 'third wave' i.e. readers beyond your family (1st wave), friends/colleagues/friends-of friends (2nd wave).
Third wave readers are strangers to the author. They will buy the book based on Amazon recommendations, the advice of friends, or perhaps after hearing me on the radio... Courting such potential readers is the reason I am engaged on my epic book signing tour around Waterstones in the South East. So far I have done 10 signings, with 8 to go. I have met hundreds of people, many of whom have been sufficiently intrigued by the story to have bought the book. Hopefully they will then pass it on, and so help build up that third wave into a tsunami of interest in Karoo Plainsong.

You can help me by passing on this blog... or my website... or by telling a friend. After all, big waves start from the merest ripple...

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