Monday, 22 October 2012

Housemaid at Home and Abroad

It's been an exciting few days for The Housemaid's Daughter, both home and away.

Firstly, there was the publication of the Dutch translation, De Kleur van haar Hart. I will be receiving my copy of this soon, so it will make interesting reading via my somewhat shaky Afrikaans and a Dutch-English dictionary. Lots of people have commented on the striking cover, so I hope that will encourage many sales in Holland. Also this last week, the International paperback arrived in South African bookshops. I'm still waiting for a pic of one actually on a shelf, but I am reliably informed they are there.

Then, barely had I caught my breath from that, than The Guardian decided to print an article I had written for them a while back about my Irish grandmother. She was the one who introduced me to the piano, and also to her own personal history, both of which became the inspiration for the novel some forty years later. You can never tell where those early impressions will lead...
If you missed the piece in the Guardian, here is the link:

The Guildford Book Festival is on this week, and there are a huge range of interesting talks by, among others, Prue Leith, John Suchet (about Beethoven) and James Naughtie. I will be speaking at the "Authors on our Doorstep" event at the Electric Theatre on Friday 26th at 4pm. If you buy a ticket (£4.50) you get to hear 6 authors - plus tea and cake afterwards. A bargain!

It was great to see some copies of the hardback at the beautiful shop at RHS Wisley Gardens (see above). I was asked to sign them, so go along and grab one if you fancy it. The paperback will be coming out in January, so those signed hardbacks could soon be in short supply!

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