Thursday, 15 November 2012

The Housemaid's Daughter in Australia

Regular readers of my blog will know that I have been delighted by the response of Australian booksellers to the publication of The Housemaid's Daughter. They have seen fit to give the book shelf space alongside far more august and better known authors.

Putting a book on a shelf is one thing, but getting review coverage in the media is quite another. So... it was with great eagerness - and some trepidation - that I received a series of book reviews that have been written in the weeks following publication. Here is one of them, from The Saturday Age in Melbourne (circulation, I am reliably informed, of some 240,000). The same review also appeared in the Sydney Morning Herald circulation 180,000).

Now, by my calculation, that means there is the possibility that some 400,000 people might very well have read about The Housemaid's Daughter if they happened to page through the newspapers that day. Australia's population is 22 million. That means 2% of the folk down under could have been introduced to the book via those 2 reviews.
Ah well, only 98% to go. Clearly, more work needed!

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