Sunday, 24 November 2013

The Housemaid's Daughter in the USA

Bring out the stars-and-stripes bunting!
Crack open the champagne!
The Housemaid's Daughter is about to be published in the United States by St Martin's Press. And the big day is less than 3 weeks away: Tuesday 10th December. On that day, 50 000 hardback copies will descend upon bookstores across the country - and hopefully will swiftly leap out in the arms of eager readers.

I have already had a range of wonderful reviews from all over the world so I hope that US readers will have the same enthusiastic response. Of course, many Americans have read the book already on their Kindles and iPads so let's hope that the physical book will be equally well-received. (Have a look on for a selection of the latest reviews.)

It's interesting how different aspects of the book capture readers' attention. Most focus on the central friendship between the two main characters: Cathleen, the Irish matriarch, and Ada, her young housemaid. But a good number cite the lesser characters like Rose (the one most people love to hate), Mrs Pumile with her array of callers, and Helen, Rose's kind daughter. However very few talk about Phil, the young son in the family, and a crucial part of Ada's life. I have taken to asking readers why they don't mention Phil, and many have responded by saying that they are reluctant to talk about him simply because he is so appealing and such a crucial key to the story. Phil's tragically short life, his forbidden love for Ada, pervade the book long after he has left the stage. Some emotions are best felt - and then left unsaid.

So... please spread the word among your US friends and family!
The Housemaid's Daughter is coming!

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