Monday, 24 February 2014

Listening to The Housemaid's Daughter

I was excited to receive a package in the post last week:
the MP3-CD version of The Housemaid's Daughter, produced by Blackstone Audio. You may remember that my UK publishers organised a downloadable audiobook which has been available for the last year or so, but this new CD version has been produced for the US market to go alongside the US hardback.

And a handsome beast it is. But also, I have to confess, rather formidable:
13 CDs
15 hours of listening!

Wow! Did I really write that much? It seems I did, especially as the cover says - discreetly? tongue-in-cheek? - that it is "unabridged".

In any event, the book is beautifully read by Cat Gould (as Mrs Cath) and Bahni Turpin (as Ada). I started listening and was instantly drawn in by their performance. And by Bahni's accurate and sensitive rendering of the local words that are sprinkled through the story.

But I wonder who its audience will be?
Long distance truck drivers?
Traffic-snarled commuters?
Happy listening!

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