Friday, 21 August 2015

A trip to Portugal

Here, in my hands at last, is the Portuguese edition of The Housemaid's Daughter... A Cor do Coracao!

The title's literal translation (thanks to Google translate) is 'The Heart Colour'. This echoes several of the other translated titles e.g. the Dutch (de Kleur van haar Hart) and the Polish (Kolor jej Serca).

I quickly checked the glossary at the back of the book to see how the translator had dealt with some of the uniquely African phrases in the book. Hardy readers of this blog will remember my delight at the elegant French rendering of the word doek, which is the headscarf that African women traditionally wear. The French called it a foulard, as in un foulard de soie - a silk scarf. The Portuguese have chosen to translate it as a simple handkerchief or cloth tied around the head. Either way, I hope that Portuguese readers will empathise with Ada's life, from the kaia where she lives as a child at the bottom of the garden to the tokoloshe (espirito maligno!) that she fears will take her away to hell...

The Portuguese publishers have produced a beautiful, African themed cover, with embossed lettering and a background watermarking of a musical score.
So far, the reviews are looking good.
Recommendo muitissimo!
Umu leitura que me deu muito prazer
... a read that gave me a lot of pleasure!
Thank you - and may she fly!