Monday, 23 November 2015

Hola! to a Second Edition

I was very excited last week to receive a package of beautiful hardback books.
To my surprise (no-one tends to tell authors when events like this are about to happen) they are the second edition of La Hija de la Criada, the Spanish translation of my novel, The Housemaid's Daughter. When the first edition came out in 2013, I wrote a blog about it, and wished it well. I wasn't expecting the book to go into a 2nd edition - and so stylishly.

This particular version is really pretty, with a fabulous, vibrant cover. It certainly would make me pick it up off the shelf.

Maybe online booksellers should have some kind of search tool for covers!

Inside the book, the publishers, Alianza, have included a full glossary, with the African word tokoloshe rendered accurately as espiritu maligno, and Ada's simple doek described with great care as tela o panuelo anudado en la cabeza. This attention to detail is the work of my dedicated translator Catalina Martinez Munoz. Thank you!

I hope my Spanish readers enjoy this bold new edition.
Buena suerte!

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