Thursday, 25 February 2016

How time flies!

It's five-and-a half years since I began blogging about publishing my first book!

126 blog posts later (whew!), The Housemaid's Daughter has reached further around the world than I ever imagined in those early, nail-biting days when I posed for this picture with the first paperback edition. Would it sell, I remember wondering. Who would read a story about rural South Africa? Would anyone care about Ada and her tumultuous life?

It turned out that lots of people have. And they've used many different ways to tell me so. It happens that my publishing journey has taken place at the same time as the explosion in social media. This has had a huge impact because it allows readers to be in immediate contact with the writer of the book they've just read. I remember, as a youngster, longing to speak to Daphne du Maurier about her wonderful book, Rebecca.
Well, in today's world , I could have done so.

Whether it's via facebook, this blog, Goodreads, Instagram... readers have been in touch with me from all corners of the globe - and in a variety of languages. Some have asked questions, some have voiced opinions, others have simply posted a picture of the book alongside a cup of coffee. And in contacting me, I hope they've gained some answers or insights. What they may not realise is what I've gained: an enrichment that has lifted my writing experience immeasurably.
I think I'll keep going!

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