Saturday, 1 July 2017

La hija de la criada... and more!

Guess what arrived on my doorstep the other day?
It's the latest edition of The Housemaid's Daughter in Spanish...
plus the first few pages of the soon-to-be published Spanish version of The Girl from Simon's Bay, just to whet readers' appetites!

But before I get too excited about the upcoming La chica de Simon's Bay, let's not forget Housemaid which continues to sell steadily in many languages across the world since its debut almost 5 years ago. Spain, though, seems to have been particularly taken with the book.
Have you spotted the stamp on the top left hand side of the cover?
Mas de 15 000 ejemplares vendidos i.e. over 15 thousand copies already sold.

What a thrill to know that Spanish readers have loved the story of Ada's tumultuous life in a small Karoo town called Cradock! Was it Ada herself who captivated them? Or the clash of cultures playing out on the stark African plains? For each of us, a memorable book speaks in different ways. I hope you - and they - will enjoy The Girl from Simon's Bay or La chica de Simon's Bay just as much.

It starts with Ella, fingering a creased envelope marked Address Unknown...
The letter had passed through careless hands...
La carta habia pasado por varias manos...

Buena suerte!

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