Monday, 18 September 2017

The Girl from Simon's Bay - in mass market paperback

Here it is!
The mass market paperback of my latest novel, The Girl from Simon's Bay. This particular edition is a slightly smaller book and costs a little less than the original trade paperback that was published in January of this year. It still has the same evocative cover and, of course, every single word of the original! It's designed, as the words suggest, for the mass market in the UK and is available to order online now. It will reach UK bookstores by the end of September,and will be at the larger WHSmith Travel outlets at airports and stations in October. If you live outside the UK, the original paperback remains freely available. As does the e-book and audiobook, world-wide.

Most books that are published used to tread a familiar path from hardback to paperback, to e-book and audiobook, to serialisations etc, but these days the sequence can be different. In the case of novels, many are no longer produced as hardbacks but go straight to paperback. Some authors and publishers prefer to try out their books as e-books first to assess demand and will then bring out a paper version later.

Whichever way you like to read, The Girl from Simon's Bay should hopefully come in a format that you fancy. But if you like a signed copy, you'll just have to stick with print!

Please spread the word!

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