Friday, 20 July 2012

First Signings

Off to Goldsboro Books today for the very first signings of The Housemaid's Daughter in hardback!

Tucked away amongst a fascinating group of specialist bookshops on Cecil Court near Leicester Square, Goldsboro specialises in signed 1st editions - it calls itself the "book collectors' bookseller". If you happen to pass by the shop, don't be deceived by the small, Victorian-era frontage. Inside, and downstairs, is a vast array of beautiful hardbacks of every variety. And Goldsboro runs a truly international operation - it sends signed copies all over the world.

My excitement today was twofold: firstly, this was my first view of a proper pile of the first edition hardbacks - and mighty fine they looked, too, as I hope you will agree. I felt positively dwarfed! Secondly, the books I signed and dated today are the earliest copies to be out in the market. Official publication only happens on the 2nd of August.

So... if you're keen to get hold of a first edition - and who knows, they may become collectors' items?! - then leap on to the website at or take a stroll along one of London's most intriguing, hidden lanes.

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