Monday, 30 July 2012

The Book Arrives!

Crack open the champagne! Dance a Highland fling! Break into a toyi-toyi!
We did, actually, because last week the first copies of The Housemaid's Daughter arrived on the doorstep!

You will see from the picture that there are 2 versions of the book. The hardback with the iconic acacia tree is destined for the UK and Canada, while the international paperback is set for South Africa, New Zealand and Australia, plus other Commonwealth countries. Most of you will have seen the hardback cover from previous blogs and facebook pics, but this is your first glance at the beautiful image that will appear on the cover of the paperback. I am thrilled with them both. All credit to the folk who gave them such a wonderful African feel: the aloes, the windmill, the terracotta colours... And also the faint watermark musical score, only visible when the book is in your hands.

So here's the timing:
The UK Hardback will be published on 2nd August - just a few days away! At the same time the e-book will be launched and, shortly thereafter, the audio book (see previous blog re wrestling with pronunciation). The paperback will be released in South Africa, New Zealand, Australia and the Commonwealth in September. The Canadian hardback comes out in September as well.

Next year will see the arrival of the UK paperback, the US version and some foreign translations. There is actually one translation coming out in October of this year, and I will tell you about it nearer the time.

Apparently you can already pre-order your copy at various outlets both physical and virtual. Hooray! Let's make it a bestseller!

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