Monday, 11 March 2013

The Housemaid's Daughter on t4w

Out there in the cyberspace jungle, there is a captivating new beast stirring!
A brilliant new website/community aimed at women in their forties, fifties and beyond... A dynamic group whom founder Carolyn Lazarus describes as women who weren't born yesterday!

It's called totally4women (t4w) and you can find it at

Do go online and look at their offerings on culture, travel, the home, life and wellbeing etc. It is certainly one of the the most interesting sites I have spotted in my trawlings round the Web. You can sign up to contribute or just enjoy the content. The site is being featured in Good Housekeeping - who gave The Housemaid's Daughter a strong recommendation last year - and soon on radio as well.

Given that so many of us are aspiring writers, I was delighted to be asked by Carolyn to write an article for t4w on my road to publication and how The Housemaid's Daughter found its way onto the bookshelves. Some of you may know that I initially self-published - but don't let me give away anything more! Have a read, you never know what it may inspire...

And while you're on t4w's site, take a look at the wonderfully-named wit, wisdom and wardrobe.

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