Friday, 13 March 2015

Welcome... A Cor do Coracao!

Here it is! The Portuguese version of The Housemaid's Daughter.

My Portuguese publisher hasn't yet sent me my copies, so I can't do my usual check. How weighty is it, physically? A mighty tome like the Icelandic version, or a disconcertingly slim volume as in the Chinese translation (what did they leave out?) Is there a particular texture to the cover to invoke the African setting, as in a couple of the other versions which are wonderfully rustic to the touch... And I wonder how the local translator has described some of the tricky words in the glossary. One has to be rather sensitive. Verdomde! for example, springs to mind.
I am also not quite sure of the exact translation of the title, but it features the words "heart" and "colour", so it is surely a version of the Dutch title: The Colour of her Heart (De Kleur van Haar Hart).

All that aside, it definitely looks like my book!

And here, just to makes things absolutely clear, is an excerpt from a review in Roda dos Livros:
Verosímil esta história? Pareceu-me que sim, que ela retrata, em muitos aspectos, a história do povo sul africano. Recomendo muitíssimo. Uma leitura que me deu muito prazer.
I think it's positive, don't you?
Help! Any Portuguese readers out there?

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