Friday, 19 June 2015

A Bucket, a Spade, and a Book!

Two pieces of news this week about the French edition of The Housemaid's Daughter, Une Chanson pour Ada

I have just received my copies of the new "Pocket" edition, which is exactly that: a compact version, designed to be convenient enough to fit into a reasonable-sized pocket, and on sale shortly. It has a fresh cover, which you can see from the photo. Once again, a publisher has put a particular stamp on its version. The original Chanson featured a romantic heroine and child, gazing into the distance, but somewhat isolated from one another. In the Pocket edition, the two figures are far more connected, and very much reminiscent of Irish Cathleen keeping a watchful eye on the young Ada. May they fit into many pockets/handbags...

Hard on the heels of Pocket, comes news that my French publisher has selected Une Chanson pour Ada to be part of their special summer promotion, in association with Fnac, the biggest book retailer in France. Twenty titles have been chosen, on the basis of being ideal 'beach' reads. The promotion takes place from mid July to early August, so that readers can arm themselves with diverting literature before they set off on holiday.
Sounds good to me.

A la plage!

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