Friday, 5 June 2015

Cradock Evi!

Welcome to The Housemaid's Daughter in Turkish!

As ever, when a new translation appears, I pore over the cover, the subtitles, the glossary etc for an insight into the particular style and interest of the readers who will be taking my book home.

A sense of place is clearly important for the newly-translated Turkish edition. Cradock House makes it onto the cover for the first time in any of the translations. Not content with taking centre stage, it also provides the title for the book... Cradock Evi ... Cradock House. The subtitle of Hismetcinin Kizi refers to the (house)maid's daughter. And she is very appealing, making her way through tall grass towards the distant building. It's certainly a pretty and poignant cover, and it seems to have hit the spot with local readers, who have posted many pictures of the book on social media, especially photo sharing sites, where Cradock Evi has been shown alongside inviting cups of coffee (!) and bright sprays of flowers. Thank you to my diligent Turkish readers!

If you happen to come across a copy while on holiday in Turkey, do let me know and post a pic!
Until then, good luck to Ada and Cath as they take their story to Turkey, may they find a growing audience...
Iyi Sans!

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