Thursday, 19 January 2017

A Fiery Start to Publication Day...

Today, Thursday 19th January 2017, is publication day in the UK for The Girl from Simon's Bay!

So... the book will be in bookshops around the UK from today, and also available to download to your Kindle, iPad, iPhone, and any other digital reader - wherever you are in the world. For South African readers, copies will be arriving in your bookshops from mid-February, and I will be doing a series of events in Cape Town in early March. If you are in Australia or New Zealand, keep an eye out from March. US and Canadian readers will have to be patient for a little longer - but remember that you can download the ebook immediately.

This picture of me with an early copy of the book was taken at the top of Red Hill, overlooking Simon's Bay, last month. It does not look the same today. Sadly, last week, a devastating fire swept through the area, destroying much of the beautiful fynbos, and threatening Simon's Town below. Only the heroic action of three water-bombing helicopter pilots plus the dedication of firefighters on the ground averted a tragedy.

A fire threatens Simon's Town in The Girl from Simon's Bay...

Perhaps it was the sun glancing off a piece of glass on the mountain that caused the spark. Flames burst through the leafy canopy like myriad orange umbrellas.
"It'll head this way," I cried, "the wind's in this direction -"

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