Wednesday, 4 January 2017

Coming soon in 2017...

Happy New Year! A box arrived on my doorstep the other day...
And here are the contents: all crisp and hot off the press, the first copies of The Girl from Simon's Bay!

It's always a wonderful feeling to hold the finished book in your hand for the first time, to flick through the pages and read a random section and realise that, yes, it's finally in print! I am delighted with it, I love the design, and the cover is really smooth and tactile to the touch. Typeset in 11/16pt Sabon, it's clear and easy to read - I always enjoy a book whose the type setting doesn't require me to screw up my eyes! Right now, The Girl from Simon's Bay is being distributed for its launch in the UK on the 19th January. Copies will soon be heading off to South Africa where I will be doing a series of promotional events and interviews in Cape Town in early March. In due course, there will be paperbacks available in the USA, the Commonwealth and other English-speaking countries.

But if you are a Kindle or iPad user, you don't have long to wait - wherever you happen to be in the world. You can order the book directly to your device right now via your favourite online seller, and it should pop up in your library/digital bookshelf on 19th January. Hooray for technology!

Sometimes David surprises me... in the passing slide of blue eyes, the timbre of a man's voice, the line of a warship sliding across the bay.
I can almost believe...

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